Odds of winning while gambling

RSG involves knowing the odds of winning?Employees who provide gambling activities are required to be able to provide patrons with the odds of winning of common forms of gambling. The odds of winning differ for different types of gambling activities, but one element stays the same – the odds always favour the house.

The Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice recommends gambling venues ensure meaningful and accurate information on the odds of winning and return to player (RTP) are prominently displayed in all gambling areas and in proximity to the relevant games.

In Queensland clubs and hotels, poker machines return between 85% and 92% of the amount bet back to the gambler on average. This means 8 -15% of money bet is retained by gambling venues.

In sports and racing betting, the odds change depending on the team or horse, past performances and conditions on the day. The TAB or sports betting agency will display the odds.

Casinos provide information on each of their table games. Brochures are usually available online.

As a gambling employee ensure that you know where to access information on the odds of winning each of the gambling activities at your venue.