Obtaining a photo competency card for RSA in NSW

Have you applied for your photo competency card?In NSW paper certificates for Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) have been replaced by a new photo competency card.

After you successfully complete your RSA course and receive your interim certificate you need to apply in person at a participating Australia Post outlet in NSW to obtain a photo competency card. Here are the steps in obtaining your photo competency card:-

1. Complete RSA course and receive an interim certificate

After you successfully complete your RSA training course you will be emailed an interim certificate. This certificate will list the personal details you confirmed during enrolment. If you look on the back of your interim certificate you will find an application form and a list of documents you need to take to an Australia Post outlet in NSW to prove your identity.

2. Book a time at Australia Post  outlet in NSW

Use the Australia Post locator or call 137 678 to find your nearest participating Australia Post outlet and book an appointment. Remember NOT all Australia Post outlets in NSW can process photo competency card applications. So you should definitely check first.

3. Get your identity documents ready

Australia Post cannot process your card application unless you have your interim certificate and the correct documents to prove your identity.

These must be original documents (unless otherwise stated) to the value of at least 100 points that prove your identity. Details of acceptable documents are listed on your interim certificate. Please read this information carefully and make sure you take the correct documents to the Australia Post outlet.

4. Go to your Australia Post interview

  • Attend the interview in person (other people can’t apply for the photo competency card for you)
  • Take along your interim certificate
  • Bring the correct documents that prove your identity
    (100 points or more). If you don’t do this, your application can’t be processed by Australia Post.

Your photo will be taken at Australia Post as part of the application process. Your card will be ordered and sent to you within 3 weeks.

Ninety (90) days to obtain your photo competency card

You have up to 90 days to obtain your photo competency card before your interim certificate. Remember you cannot work on licensed premises in NSW in an alcohol related role without a current RSA interim certificate or photo competency card. If it expires you will need to do the whole course again.