Observing patron behaviour

Responsible Service of AlcoholThe most effective way for licensees and RSA staff to determine if a person is unduly intoxicated, is observing patron behaviour.

It DOES NOT require licensees and staff to count drinks, guess what a patron’s blood alcohol level would be, or to use a breathalyser. Observation means looking for the signs of changing behaviour that result from liquor consumption. The signs can vary greatly from person to person and may be affected by:

  • Gender

  • Age

  • State of mind

  • Food consumption

  • Medication

  • Health

  • Size

  • Rate of drinking

The task of monitoring will be easier for RSA staff if the patron is a regular, and staff are familiar with the patron’s normal demeanour, or if the patron is on the premises for a reasonable period of time. For example, while having a meal.