Objectives of RMLV

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesThe RMLV course seeks to educate licensed operators to better assist them in reducing harm within the community.

It is understood that as a whole, it is an individual‘s choice whether to over-indulge with alcohol. However, as intoxication increases, self-control is lowered, and the ability of an individual to make appropriate decisions in relation to continued consumption is significantly impaired.

Likewise children and young people, under the legal drinking age, are considered not to have the ability to make informed decisions regarding alcohol intake. In relation to disorderly or aggressive behaviour, it is well documented that adding alcohol into the mix, where there is disruptive behaviour, tends only to exacerbate an already potentially volatile situation.

Accordingly, responsibility falls to those under the legal obligation on licensed premises (licensees and approved managers) to ensure that underage, disorderly or unduly intoxicated patrons cannot further endanger themselves or others with continued drinking.

The responsible service of alcohol training program for staff ensures that the staff are sufficiently informed to assist licensees with their duties, and prepared to assume the responsibility that liquor-server duties require.