NSW RSA Course: Element 1

Responsible Service of AlcoholThe first element in the NSW RSA certificate course is “Identify the context of responsible service of alcohol.” This element identifies the context in which responsible service of alcohol is to be managed.

The course sets clear assessment criteria so that at the end of the course, students should be able to identify:

  • Government and community concerns associated with alcohol abuse and misuse, particularly in relation to crime, violence and anti-social behaviour occurring as a result of excessive drinking,

  • and the effects on the neighbourhoods of licensed venues

  • The impact of alcohol abuse/misuse on the community

  • The role of key agencies in regulating and enforcing the liquor laws, such as the NSW Office of

Liquor, Gaming and Racing, the Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority, the NSW Police Force, the Director General, Department of Trade and Investment, Regional Infrastructure and Services, and other Government agencies involved in preventing alcohol abuse.

In this element, the student will examine Government and community concerns about serving alcohol responsibly, the behaviour of patrons and providing a safe environment for everyone, theGovernment agencies that have responsibility for the regulation and administration of the liquor laws, and those agencies upon which the liquor laws impact.