No more gaming employees licences

Responsible Service of GamblingThe State Government are abolishing gaming employees’ licences. As part of the red tape reductions initiative, the Gaming Machine Act 1991 has been amended, effective 11 September 2012, gaming employees no longer need a gaming licence.

However, this still means that people carrying out gaming duties within clubs or hotels still need to hold a current Responsible Service of Gambling (RSG) certificate. We have thought of some frequently asked questions that you may be considering when it comes to this new change.

Question: Can gaming employees play electronic machines at their workplace?
Answer: No. Under no circumstances are gaming employees allowed to play electronic gaming machines, this includes 30 days after they cease.

Question: Can other employees, such as kitchen hand, waiters and/or chefs, play the electronic gaming machines?
Answer: Yes. There are no legislative restrictions to other employees, other than gaming employees, restricting them from playing.

Question: Do the changes affect gaming staff that access internal electronic gaming components?
Answer: There is no longer a requirement for any staff who carry out gaming duties to hold a gaming licence other than the gaming nominee (who is still licensed), whether they access internal components of machines or not. They still require a current Responsible Service of Gambling certificate.

Question: Can minors work on the gaming floor and access the internal components of EGMs?
Answer: Before these changes were in place, minors were not able to work on the gaming floor. However, now, seeing staff performing these functions no longer have to be licensed, minors can now work on the gaming floor. They must have an RSG.

If you have any further questions with regard to the red tape reductions that have been in place, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us here at Club Training Australia, as we are more than happy to assist. Also, we offer a face-to-face and online RSG courses.