Wilkie and Xenophon at odds on Mandatory Pre-Commitment

The difficulty of convincing people that you can help problem gamblers by giving them a gambling card is getting to Senator Nick Xenophon and Andrew Wilkie, with the pair making conflicting statements about mandatory pre-commitment’s usefulness to those with a gambling addiction. Andrew Wilkie has in today’s AGE newspaper again claimed that mandatory pre-commitment works […]

Wilkie’s Pokie Licence must be Trialled

Clubs Australia has written to the Federal Government offering its support for a trial of mandatory pre-commitment in one state or territory. A trial of Andrew Wilkie’s experimental pokie licence technology was first recommended by the Productivity Commission 15 months ago and is also supported the Salvation Army (Eastern Territory) and many of Australia’s leading […]

American Online Gambling to require a license?

By Oskar Garcia, AP Digital, http://twitter.com/oskargarcia Casino industry seeking new online poker bill The commercial casino industry wants Congress to skip proposals already on the table for regulating the estimated $6 billion online poker industry and pass new legislation that would let states decide whether to allow online gambling and would require online casino companies […]