What is an RCG/RSA Competency Card | RSA Online NSW

rsa competency card

In New South Wales, if you wish to work in the liquor and gaming business, you will need to secure a Responsible Conduct of Gambling (RCG)/Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) competency card – RSA Online NSW -. The card comes in two forms: a plastic card that resembles a driver’s licence and a digital card […]

Food Handling Practices for Temporary Events | Food Safety Supervisor NSW

Food handling

The retail food industry comes in a wide range of businesses such as food-vending businesses at temporary or seasonal events, for instance festivals, shows, markets, and fairs. They provide food or consumables to the public while aiming to meet a set of requirements. Mobile food vendors specifically, have to achieve a similar range of prerequisites. In […]

Recipe: Crumbed Pork Burger, Raddichio, Apple & Spicy Mayonnaise


What better way to combine the beginning of this Summer and the festive season together than making a Crumbed Pork Burger with Spicy Mayonnaise and Apple.  This fresh and delicious tasting burger it’s perfect to accompany with a cold beverage at sunset. Courtesy of Clubs Queensland. Download the recipe HERE.   (Serves 4) Ingredients 4 x […]

The Club Super Leadership Institute Welcomes the Class of 2019


On Friday the 16th of November, 13 future leader managers were inducted into the prestigious Club Super Leadership Institute program due to recommence January 2019. Over the years, the CSLI, formerly known as the Fosters Leadership Academy, has advanced a long list of outstanding industry leaders who range from Duty Managers, Marketing Managers and HR […]

It’s a wrap for 2018 Club Super Leadership Institute Graduates

csli 2018

Following on from the third Club Super Leadership Institute Alumni conference at the Queensland Cricketers’ Club on November 16, we honoured our 2018 graduates. The CSLI 2018 graduation ceremony was celebrated by our 11 participants and their managers, alongside our sponsors, alumni and representatives from Clubs Queensland as well as the 14 new leadership participants […]

2018 Club Super Leadership Institute Alumni Event Wrap


Since 2002, the Club Super Leadership Institute (formerly known as the Fosters Leadership Program) has offered 10 high performing individuals from within the industry, an opportunity to gain a highly coveted Diploma of Leadership & Management. More than just educational credentials, this program delivers industry recognition and continual professional development throughout a dedicated 12-month scholarship […]

Online Fire Warden Training Now Available at Club Training Australia

Fire Warden Training

Maintaining a functional workplace is not only about high performing staff or profit but it also depends on the safety of yourself, your staff and your customers. However, while you cannot eliminate every risk, you can take simple steps to minimise, avoid and even control a hazardous situation.  To do so, you can provide adequate […]

School-Based Trainees Bring A Wealth Of Benefits To Venues


The benefits for your venue are endless when you hire young motivated staff in school-based traineeships including: Making a positive contribution to the local community by supporting young people Attractive financial government grants and incentives Attracting and recruiting new staff Producing a cost-positive training and employment budget Access to qualified and experienced trainers High completion […]

Information that Should Be Available to Gambling Patrons | RGS / RSG


You need to be aware of the responsible gambling information – RGS / RSG –  that is available in your workplace to assist you when responding to patrons request for information.   It is important that you know where the following gambling information is located (if you are unsure where to locate any of the following […]

Lighting at Licensed Venues | RMLV

RSA online

RMLV: The environment in and around a licensed venue may impact on the venue’s safety. Lighting levels set to create ambiance and character should not compromise the safety of patrons and staff. The provision of adequately light, well-appointed and maintained facilities is a way of:   Encourage good patron behaviour Deterring unnecessary and unwanted incidents […]

Recognising the Signs of Intoxication in Patrons | RSA Online NSW

RSA Online NSW

In New South Wales alcohol intoxication is an issue to be taken seriously. The liquor and gaming industry has set out intoxication standards for licensing purposes, to which liquor and gaming licensees are expected to adhere. The guidelines, outlined in the  as per the NSW Department of Industry (Liquor and Gaming NSW GL4003 ‘Intoxication Guidelines’) are intended […]