New workers must receive adequate training and supervision

Do you have a suitable induction program at your venue?New workers are often inexperienced and unfamiliar with the new work environment, procedures, equipment and materials that are required to do the job and are, therefore, at greater risk of injury or illness while at work.

New workers often don’t receive the necessary information, instruction, training and supervision they require, particularly in relation to health and safety. In addition, new workers are usually very keen to impress the PCBU or supervisor and, thus, are reluctant to raise health and safety issues for fear of being seen as incompetent or a troublemaker.

It is the PCBU’s responsibility to provide workers with adequate information, instruction, training and supervision to be able to do the job safely.

A worker’s experiences in the first few days or weeks will shape their attitudes towards their work, fellow workers and the company. Induction provides the PCBU with an opportunity to influence a new worker’s attitude towards the company and their work through the provision of information, training and supervision. It will assist workers perform their job safely, particularly in the first twelve months when they are most at risk of injury.

Induction is much more than having a one-hour chat, completing a few administrative forms and being introduced to fellow workers. Induction should occur over a period of weeks or months. The time spent training a worker on safe work procedures will result in a productive workforce with fewer injuries.

An online module is an excellent addition to your induction program.