Mission Statement: Gambling

Responsible Service of GamingIf you work or own a venue which promotes gambling, you must ensure that the gambling mission statement is clearly identified and displayed within the venue. This is required under the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice.  

A mission statement is a brief statement of the purposes and ongoing commitment of an organisation, with the staff keeping focused on the commitment and ensuring that it is sustained.

Your venue will create its own mission statement, which is therefore applicable to your venue. It is important to ensure that all staff understands the mission statement and are familiar with it. To ensure this, display your mission statement in an area where both customers and staff walk past on a regular basis, so that they are well aware of the mission statement and are focused on it. 

Gambling mission statements are there not only to provide good moral for your staff, but it also shows customers that you are dedicated to providing the best products and services, and that you ensure gambling responsibly is maintained.

If you need any assistance with your gambling mission statement for your venue or want to complete and online RSG, please contact Club Training Australia.