Minors prohibited from gambling

Responsible Service of GamblingLast week we looked at the features of a safe and supportive gambling venue, and the eight (8) key areas and best practices outlined by the Queensland Responsible Gambling Code of Practice – to ensure that the physical environment of a gambling venue is safe for patrons, and supports responsible gambling.

The first key area is ensuring that minors are prohibited from gambling.

To ensure minors are prohibited from gambling, make sure adequate signs warning of the penalties for underage gambling are prominently displayed throughout the venue. Staff should be trained to seek appropriate proof of age from patrons, such as:

  • State-issued 18+ Proof of Age Card or Victorian Keypass

  • Current Australian Drivers Licence

  • Current overseas Driver’s Licence (it must be printed in English and display the holder’s photograph and date of birth)

  • Current passport (Australian or International)

RSG staff should ensure that minors are not permitted to gamble.