Minimising Contamination of Food Received

Food Safety SupervisorWhen receiving food products, you need to check and ensure that all the goods received are safe to supply to consumers. This is as you need to supply your customers with quality products, to ensure that they keep coming back time and time again.

Unsafe food may contaminate other foods, and can result in the sale of unsafe foods to your customers. Therefore, you need to check that all food stock received is safe for resale. Some of the risks that you should check for are:

  • Damaged packaging that can allow for bacteria to grow and contaminate food, or it may be a sign that an insect or rodent has been consuming the food, making the food unsafe for consumption. 

  • Food is past its ‘used by’ date

  • Pre-packaged food must have a label, this ensures that you know the ingredients and, also, labels will assist you in identifying if the product has been recalled for any safety reason

  • Ensure that the food was not stored near any chemical products as it may affect the food

  • All food must be protected from contamination

There are also strategies and/or steps that you can implement to ensure that the food received is safe. These include:

  • Only purchase your produce from one supplier, and ensure that they are aware of how you like the product to the packaged and delivered

  • Inspect all food deliveries to ensure that the food was transported appropriately and was not contaminated

  • Reject deliveries if the inside of the truck is dirty or unsanitary

  • Make sure that the delivery has not been contaminated

If you receive goods on a regular basis, you should ensure that there is one person that manages and signs off on all deliveries. This ensures that there is a high quality of management, and contamination is averted and food safety is kept to a high standard. Also, there should be set steps in place for deliveries, to ensure that all deliveries are checked and the appropriate steps are taken. Food safety is imperative as you are providing these goods to consumers that expect a certain maintained quality.