Meet The Team: Joeline Adame

A wonderful addition to the team and a key member that keeps our office running smoothly at all times, meet Joeline Adame, our Administration Team Leader and this month’s Meet The Team staff member. Let’s find out some more about Joeline. 

Tell us a bit about yourself. (Interests, Hobbies)

I was raised in New Jersey, USA but born in Australia and I can’t seem to shake this accent. I love quiet morning runs through my neighbourhood and stopping to give the local dogs a pat while they are being walked. I can never remember their owners names but the dog’s names all stick 😊

What was your career journey prior to starting at CTA?

I ran the RTO for Prosegur for 4 years which was primarily firearms and security training. Before that I was the sole RTO admin for MVA Engineering. I also travelled around Australia working as a Spa Therapist at 5 star resorts.

If you can only eat one type of food for the rest of your life. What food would that be?

Spicy Mexican (extra jalapeños please!)

What has been your favourite thing about the hospitality industry specifically?

The people are so easy to get along with and are always keen to share funny moments.

What would you consider to be your superpower?

Resilience; I can bounce back from anything with my sense of humour and creative outlook.