Marketing within a venue

Certificate II in Hospitality – dealing with conflict at work or at schoolEffective marketing can make or break a venue. This is as venues rely on customers to walk through the door every day and spend money within. But getting customers through the doors for venues is one of the biggest challenges that they face. Clearly, no one is going to come to your venue unless they know what you have on offer, and what makes you different.

So what kinds of marketing can you do? What will get customers through your venues doors? It all depends on your venue and your target customer – you need to derive a marketing plan. However, marketing includes advertising, public relations, sales promotions, promotional materials and word of mouth.


  • Brochures

  • Leaflets and flyers

  • Menus and wine lists

  • Sales letters

  • In-house displays

  • Posters

  • Banners

  • Business cards

Promotional Materials:

  • Newspapers, both local and regional

  • Magazines

  • Radio Stations

  • Television

  • Billboards

  • Internet

  • Social Media

  • Website

However, before you proceed and begin using a particular marketing medium, consider first your options and complete extensive research, considering if it is the most appropriate medium for your venue with the highest return on investment (ROI). There are two types of research, both formal and information research which you can use.

If you have any queries on what marketing will work best for your venue and receive the highest ROI – contact Candice Kelly and discuss your options. Or if you are interested in a school based traineeship and learn more about venue marketing, contact us and we can talk to you about what we have on offer.