Managing your venue responsibly: facility management

RMLV TrainingThe person charged with the Responsible Management of your Licensed Venue has a multitude of tasks. Managing facilities is but one such task.

During their visit, customers will utilise many items that can be classified as facilities. This covers a vast range depending on the size, location and objectives of the venue. Managing these facilities, to ensure that customers are comfortable, secure and safe, is the responsibility of the entire management team, with your Approved Manager taking the lead.

Managers need to be able to display flexibility and be able to adapt to any given situation. The hospitality industry extends different demands upon those managing various organisations. Both internal and external factors influence the job of the Approved Manager of each licensed venue. External factors, which sometimes are classed as low priority, include: the economic climate, social factors, politics, ecological concerns, legislation and technology. Approved Managers have to bear these factors in mind if their licensed venue remains adaptable and flexible enough, to remain a viable entity within the hospitality industry.

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