Managing the entry of patrons into your venue or an event

Club Training Australia RMLV TrainingA couple of weeks ago, we talked about how to check patron’s ID properly and the things to look for when spotting a fake or stolen ID.  This week, we take a look at other factors responsible managers should be aware of that can contribute to the smooth patron management, to help minimise confrontation between staff and customers, as well as keeping patrons safe.

Here are a few tips and measures you can implement in your venue:

  • Make sure all staff are aware of incident recording procedures, and that incident registers are maintained and completed

  • If your venue or event experiences a high amount of patronage – ensure that security staff are aware and trained in crowd control procedures

  • Video and audio monitoring should be installed at entry and exit points as well as any marshalling areas.  Images and sound recordings should be of high quality and consistently recorded, and should be available in the event of any incident investigation

  • Ensure lighting at any entry and exit points is adequate for security staff to observe patron behaviour, as well as deterring any negative actions from customers

  • Install a method that systematically counts patrons entering or leaving the venue or event.

For more information on training for responsible managers, check our RMLV course which includes a bonus RSA for your staff.