Managing Security on Licensed Premises

RMLV Safety PlanPart of being a Responsible Manager includes ensuring that your venue has the most appropriate level of security.  When you develop a safety plan, you should consider the following factors:

  • Ensure you have regular contact with your local area police, and consider their advice in addressing any shared security concerns. 

  • Assess your relationship with your neighbours, to determine how this has allowed the venue to identify and reduce noise, as well as minimising the disturbance of patrons leaving the venue.

  • Does your venue’s CCTV comply with relevant legislation and record sufficient recognition standards?

  • Have specific measures or new implementations delivered a decline in violent assaults on premises?

  • Do you have appropriately trained security on site at a particular time?

Once you have made a detailed assessment of these factors, you should start to consider future actions such as:

  • Any training programs  which should be undertaken by security staff in managing conflict, denying entry to intoxicated people, and escorting those who cause trouble off premises
  • Revising and developing a specific crowd management plan for club functions, such as weddings and birthdays.

To retain an approved manager status, you must ensure your RMLV certificate is current.  Check our course page here.