Managing licensed venues to minimise alcohol related harm

Use RMLV training to minimise harm in your venueWhen reducing alcohol-related harm in your venue, some of the smallest changes and communication techniques can be the most effective.  RMLV training is a great way to find out how you can protect your patrons and your venue.  In the meantime, here are some methods you can use today.

Public Transport

Ideally-placed and frequently-serviced bus stops and taxi ranks are effective at reducing concentrated groups of intoxicated persons – discouraging crime, violent behaviour and drink driving.

Although this is generally easier for venues located in metro areas, licensed venues in more isolated areas can implement courtesy or low-cost bus services to help patrons get home safely after hours.

If you live in an area that has public transport services available, do not just rely that they occur at an ideal frequency, try:

  • Cooperating with public transport providers to provide more frequent services

  • Altering opening hours to coincide with transport services

  • Staggering closing times amongst venues in close proximity to reduce high demand on transport.

When negotiating with local councils, police can play a vital role in assisting councils and local transport providers, transport services and licensees to maximise the availability of appropriate transport. 

Venue Location

Venues residing in a high density area with other licensed venues may result in larger mixed volumes of intoxicated and sober people, especially if you are located in areas such as malls, theatre complexes and so on.  Patrons may perceive this as a safety threat and have an adverse impact on unlicensed businesses.

To help your business reduce the potential for harm from licensed venues, you can implement strategies such as:

  • Regulating opening and closing times

  • Limiting supply of liquor to meals only during simultaneous operating times

  • Locating access and exit points of licensed premises separately from those of retail outlets.

You can find out more great strategies for protecting your venue and improving the operations of your venue when you enrol in one of our RMLV courses.