Managing events responsibly

RMLV training and supplying alcohol at eventsAlthough events are generally a lot of fun, the reason good events or functions remain so is a result of thorough and dedicated plan.  One of the biggest obstacles Responsible Managers face is the provision and consumption of alcohol. 

If supply is inappropriately managed, this can lead to dangerous behaviour such as drink driving, unsafe sex practices, as well an increased risk of injuries, damage to property and physical violence.

As the nature of event management is complex, a manager can be perceived as a hero or villain, based on the positive or negative impact of an event.  These factors can even include situations or occurrences outside of your control, such as adverse weather, mechanical failure, or other unforseen events.

However, the provision of alcohol is one area that you can control – and managing it in correctly or poorly can have huge ramification of the success of your event.  Some strategies that can assist harm minimisation include:

  • Collaborative planning processes;

  • Cooperation with relevant Government departments, councils and community agencies;

  • Trained event staff and security personnel;

  • An understanding of safe crowd management strategies;

  • Coordination of suitable entertainment;

  • Formal post-event evaluations.

RMLV training is an effective course for management policies and legislation.  Club Training Australia offers an RMLV course designed to provide the appropriate certification for responsible managers as well as including a bonus RSA.  Check our course page to find out more.