Making Marvellous Managers at KFC Morningside

For Collins Foods Group and CTA Training, it is critical to create a culture where everyone can make a positive difference. This methodology has seen our partnership with KFC flourish, opening the door for school-based trainees to rise through the ranks and become the leaders they truly are!

Over the past few months, KFC Morningside welcomed three new trainees into management roles. We at CTA Training Specialists would like to congratulate these new young leaders on their hard work and achievements!

Our formula for success is simple. We place people at the forefront of our traineeship programs, developing initiatives that build on their capabilities and embed strong transferable skills. Across its 12–18-month period, our nationally accredited experience at KFC constantly applies this concept through aspects such as ongoing online support and a manager-trainee buddy system.

In addition, our KFC trainees are exposed to more than just front-of-house customer service. They become implanted into the formal and legislative side of hospitality and management. We are always excited to see our KFC trainees thrive in this environment, allowing them to become KFC’s greatest competitive advantage.

Whether our students stay at KFC, move into the broader hospitality industry, or enter a different career entirely, we are confident that they have experienced the learning and hands-on environment necessary to go out and accomplish their goals.

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