Maintaining the exterior of licensed venues

Responsible Management of Licensed VenuesMaintaining the exterior of licensed premises is an important part of Responsible Management of Licensed Venues. Here are some general best practices guidelines.


• At entries and exits, lighting levels should be maintained to ensure:

– identifications can be properly checked and verified

– CCTV and ID scanners function efficiently

• Lighting must be of a sufficient level so that:

– signs of intoxication can be detected

–age of patrons can be reasonably assessed

– anti-social or other unacceptable behaviour can be observed and addressed

– criminal activity can be detected and reported

– patrons and staff can move around the venue safely

– emergency or evacuation procedures are not jeopardised

Entries, exits and queuing

• Keep free of congestion to enable easy, safe and quick entry and exit

• Be able to facilitate emergency access for ambulance and police

• If possible, have internal queue areas to avoid likely conflict with passing pedestrians

Footpaths, laneways, car parks and public spaces

• Security staff should be alert on any area where passive surveillance is limited

• Check that machinery, signage and furniture do not obstruct clear lines of vision

• Ensure that walkways are signed

• Keep clean and maintained to develop a sense of pride and discourage vandalism

• Restrict entry to private laneways, storage and rubbish areas with secure gates

• Install bins, ashtrays and other covered receptacles to limit littering

Patron activity areas

• Resolve congestion points that present real opportunities for incidents, for example: try layout changes, increased lighting or opening out space

• Keep areas clean and fresh, and remove or replace damaged or vandalised furniture

• Manage items that may be used as weapons, for example: ensure that pool cues are not left lying around, and conduct regular collections of glasses and bottles

Rest rooms/toilets

• Minimise waiting period times by increasing the ratio of toilets to patrons, having one long sink rather than individual sinks, and installing mirrors away from sinks area

• Reduce the opportunity for anti-social behaviour by:

– undertaking specific security measures to monitor use of facilities

– consider having a toilet attendant as a friendly supervisor

– avoiding floor-to-ceiling doors

– installing doors that may be removed easily and quickly in emergencies

– replacing/fixing damaged toilets and surrounds immediately

– avoiding creating areas conducive to drug concealment, collection or use

For best practice and responsible management of licensed venues, ensure that the exterior of your licensed premises is maintained safely.