Machine Injuries

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetyInjuries within workplaces, where employees work with machines on a regular basis, can be fatal if appropriate safety measures are not in place. It is imperative for workplaces that are at high risk of employees being injured are regularly inspected, and safety procures are reviewed to ensure they are being followed and are up to date.

Common injuries within the workplace, where machines are apparent, are crushing, cutting, shearing, burning, tearing, stretching, puncturing, and/or a combination of two or more. Nevertheless, other injuries such as electric shock, hearing loss, ill health from hazardous substances, lack of oxygen and broken bones are also common injuries associated with machines. In addition, there are also serious cases where death is a result, this is of course less common, however can occur on occasion.

There are common situations where injury can occur:

  • Coming into contact or entanglement with a machine

  • Being caught between two machines, or between machine and materials within the machine

  • Being struck by parts from the machine that have come loose, or materials that move out of place

  • Being struck by materials ejected by the machine

  • Being struck by parts of the machine during failure or breakage of the machine.

Organisations that are at high risk of injury, no matter the type of organisation, should take the necessary precautions to minimise the risks. This can be done by contacting one of our Risk Specialists and for them to look over the policies and procedures in place, ensuring that the workplace is safe and at low risk of injury.