Long-term benefits of facility management on licensed premises

What are your venue’s assets?A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the short-term benefits of facility management on licensed premises.  Today, we will cover some of the longer term benefits of facility management, which can help managers of licensed premises increase earning capacity, gain a stable asset base and develop a streamlined maintenance program.

Stable asset base

So your costs are rising and your efficiency is decreasing.  It could be that your facility management program needs an overhaul.  Maintaining a stable asset base is a great first step in reducing overall costs, fewer refurbishment programs and, in the long term, less expenditure on capital items.

Increased earning capacity

In order for this to be effective, earning needs to be continuous.  Random occurrences such as breakdowns, equipment failure and breakages will have an impact on operating capacity, reducing revenue.  The higher the standard a venue sets for its serviceability and appearance, the more likely patrons will use its facilities.

Streamlined maintenance program

When maintenance is organised and controlled by a planned program, the easier it will be to track asset management and reduce costs.

Does your responsible management knowledge need updating?  Don’t forget to renew your RMLV certificate every three (3) years.  Check here to find a course in your location.