Live gambling counselling via chat

Customer Liaison OfficerCustomer Liaison Officers need to be able to give information to patrons about online gambling counselling services that are available live and via chat.

A patron can access the live counselling service as many times as helpful to them. Usually a counselling session lasts about 45 minutes. There are five steps in talking to a counsellor online:

  1. Decide whether they want to register or access the service anonymously.

  2. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the service. (Online counselling is not the best service for people in crisis. Recommend for those in crisis to contact telephone support 1800 858 858).

  3. Respond to a few questions about their situation. This will assist the counsellor to best meet their needs. The answers that are given remain confidential.

  4. Start the live counselling. The conversation will appear on a screen like instant messaging.

  5. When the session is finished and the patron wants to delete any traces of the session from their computer, check the security policy for instructions.

Benefits of live counselling

Live counselling is available 24/7 from anywhere in Australia.

Some people find it less confronting to access support online rather than face to face, which may make it easier to discuss problems.

As with all electronic communication, the absence of normal verbal cues such as a person’s tone of voice can create communication problems. When using the online service, if something is unclear or feels odd we recommend you ask your counsellor to explain what they mean. Similarly, there may be times when the counsellor will ask you to clarify something they may have misunderstood.