Liquor accords creating safer communities

Are you a member of your local liquor accord?Liquor accords promote a safe environment and the responsible management of licensed venues. Liquor accords encourage harm minimisation and responsible serving principles and are a key component of an overall strategy to promote safety in the local community. They also support effective communication and problem solving between licensees and key stakeholders.

Liquor accords are localised to include representatives from licensed premises, local business, council, police, government departments and relevant community organisations. The geographical area covered by an accord is usually defined by its members so that district police boundaries, local government areas as well as unique environmental factors are considered.

Each liquor accord is formulated by its members to resolve local issues within a local area. Although individual accords may have similar elements, there are no two the same. Strategies are shared and adapted to address similar issues within different communities.

Liquor accords are established to address alcohol related problems in a local area. These include:-

  • minimising anti-social behaviour—including destruction of property and violence—arising from excessive alcohol consumption
  • creating effective transport strategies to move people away from a precinct
  • developing a communication network between venues to provide the opportunity to call for assistance in dealing with unruly patrons or providing warnings about incidents or troublesome patrons who may be moving between venues.
  • improving licensees, managers and staff knowledge of legislative obligations
  • reducing road trauma directly related to alcohol abuse
  • reducing of anti-social behaviour in and around licensed premises

Joining or establishing a liquor accord in your local area is a way to address harm minimisation and the responsible management of your licensed venue.