Legal Forms of Gambling in Australia

RSG-course.jpeg Responsible Service of GamblingGaming in Australia comprises all legal forms of gambling other than wagering — including lotteries, gaming machines, casino table games and keno. Minor gaming is the collective name given to art unions, raffles, lucky envelopes and the like. 

  • Electronic gaming machines (EGMs) are based on random number generation where wins are generally represented by matched icons. The games are non-strategic, although players may control the stakes. Less common are multi-terminal gaming machines (MTGMs), which accommodate several players and usually simulate games such as drawcard blackjack and roulette. EGMs and MTGMs are generally counted together in EGM caps.

  • Lotteries come in various forms, including lotto, pools and instant lotteries or ‘scratchies.’ Lotto is played by choosing numbers in anticipation that those numbers will be amongst the winning numbers selected randomly through various means.

  • Keno is a game where a player wagers that chosen numbers will match any of the 20 numbers randomly selected from a group of 80 numbers via a computer system or a ball drawing device. It is an electronic form of bingo and is typically played in clubs, casinos and hotels. 

  • Table games involve laying bets on games such as baccarat, blackjack and roulette.

Wagering is another name for betting — to stake something (usually money) on the outcome of a contest or any uncertain event or matter. The principal forms are racing and sports betting.

This information was sourced from the Australian Productivity Commission’s Report into Gambling 2010 and is blogged here to assist RSG staff and CLOs manage their gaming venues legally and responsibly.