Know Your Food Business: Receiving Food

Food Safety SupervisorA food safety supervisor must take all practicable measures to ensure that the food business only accepts food that is protected from the likelihood of contamination. We have been discussing how to create a checklist to ensure that your food business meets all the requirements of the Food Safety Standards 3.2.2. This week we will be looking at Section 5 (receiving food).

Here are some items for your checklist:

1. Do you have a record of the name and address of each food supplier?

2. Is frozen food hard, completely frozen, and not showing signs of prior thawing?

3. Is chilled food 5°C or below?

4. Is hot food 60°C or above?

5. Is food within the ‘Best Before’ date or ‘Use By’ date?

6. Does food show no signs of contamination from pests, chemicals or foreign objects (glass, dirt etc)?

7. Is packaging clean, intact and undamaged?

8. Has the name and address of the manufacturer or packer been provided?

9. Are all delivery vehicles clean with no other materials in the same area as the food?

Do you always reject food that does not meet the requirements in Questions 2-9?

Do you record the details of food receipt checked and food rejected, if any?

Developing your own “supplier record list” and “incoming food checklist” are useful tools for food safety supervisors.