Know Your Food Business: Food Storage

Food Safety SupervisorTo assist food businesses in meeting the requirements of the Food Act 2006, food safety supervisors can create checklists to monitor their compliance with food standards.

A food business, when storing food, must store the food in such a way that it is protected from the likelihood of contamination; and the environmental conditions under which it is stored will not adversely affect the safety and suitability of the food. Food Safety Supervisors may find it useful to develop a checklist as follows:

  1. Is food stored so that it is protected from contamination (e.g. covered, off the cool-room floor)?

  2. Is food stored so that environmental conditions (e.g. humidity, lighting) do not affect its safety or suitability?

  3. Is frozen food kept frozen solid?

Are potentially hazardous foods refrigerated below 5°C?