Know someone with a gambling addiction? Find out how you can help

How to help someone with a gambling addictionDo you work in a role that is gaming-related?  Do you know someone who spends a large portion of their time gambling?  A gambling addiction should be treated seriously, as the damage to the individual and their extended network can be devastating.

A problem gambling addiction is defined as an activity that is done excessively to the point where it negatively affects the person’s life, which includes their mental and physical well-being, school and work performances, finances and relationships.

People who exhibit a gambling problem will often bet with money they can’t afford to lose, max out credit cards or constantly borrow money to fund their addiction.

Their addiction may also extend to areas of time that should be dedicated to work or family.

Although you may observe or know someone with problematic gambling behaviour, the individual in question may deny they have a problem.

Instead of confronting the person unprepared, it’s a good idea to seek advice from some of these organisations to find out how you can help:

All states:




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