Key requirements of gambling exclusion laws – part I

Responsible Service of GamblingTo assist gambling providers and RSG staff, this blog posts introduces the key requirements of gambling exclusion laws –

  • A duty is created for gambling providers to exclude a patron when the patron requests to be self-excluded.

  • The legislation gives gambling providers the authority, but not a duty, to initiate exclusions (venue-initiated exclusions).

  • Penalties can be imposed on gambling providers, employees and patrons for not complying with the legislation.

  • Contact details of counselling services must be provided to patrons who are excluded.

  • Venue initiated exclusions will remain in place for five years unless a written application is made to the venue and the gambling provider agrees to revoke the order.

  • Applications can only be made once in any twelve month period.

  • Self-exclusions remain in place for five years and cannot be revoked within 12 months of first being initiated, unless a revocation order is submitted in the 24 hour cooling off period.

RSG staff and gambling providers should be aware of the key requirements of exclusion laws.