Key points of inductions

Risk managementIt’s easy to miss important key points when devising an induction.  Using an online induction course is a great way to make sure all aspects such as NES standards and up-to-date award rates are included.

A detailed induction plan must incorporate a checklist of all the elements in the induction, time frames and deadlines, as well as reviewing the staff member’s progress.

Don’t forget that staff inductions are an ongoing process, so your plan should cover the initial months of a staff member’s new role.  This includes the period before they started employment in the role, the first day of introduction, and a final review once the induction is complete.


You may want to consider using a ‘buddy system’ where you pair an existing employee with a new staff member.  This way, the experienced staff member can explain duties and responsibilities to the person in the new role, and monitor or correct the staff member where possible.

This is just one element you can factor into your staff inductions.  Make the process easier by using one of our useful online induction programs that can be tailored specifically to your venue.