Keeping a Hospitality Venue Clean

Certificate III in HospitalityIt is also the responsibility of the bar person to keep the public areas of a hospitality venue clean, tidy and hygienic. The cleaning and maintenance of public areas is equally as important as all the other workplace cleaning activities.

Public areas include:

  • Entrances

  • Exits

  • Corridors

  • Bathrooms

  • Car parks

  • Drive-through areas

  • Walkways

  • Reception areas

  • Outdoor eating or drinking areas

  • Restaurant, function & gaming areas

  • Designated Outdoor Smoking Areas (DOSA)

A public area is any space which allows public entry. The condition in which these public areas are kept has both image and workplace health and safety consideration; therefore the area needs special attention at all times during service.

Your workplace will have a strong focus on appearance and the first impression to customers. A positive first impression will be based on the customer arriving to a safe, clean and hygienic environment that is maintained at a high standard at all times. It is not acceptable for public areas to be in disrepair, to be cluttered, untidy, dirty or poorly maintained.

This environment can make a lasting impression on a visitor. Tables filled with dirty glasses and debris scattered all over it is not the image any employer wants to project to its clients. Bar staff are responsible for ensuring that tables are cleared of unused, dirty or no longer needed items (e.g. glasses, plates, emptied wine bottles etc.)  Customers do not enjoy being surrounded by used or unnecessary glassware, crockery or other unwanted items. Staff should never walk past a table or through a drinking area without checking for and removing unwanted items.

A Certificate III in Hospitality will give you the skills to work in contemporary hospitality establishments.