Job Safety Analysis

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetyWhat is a job safety analysis (JSA)? Does your company carry out JSA’s? If you said no, then you should consider reviewing your workplace health and safety policies and procedure, and ensure that JSA’s are completed on all tasks. A JSA is the process of planning for work with safety as an integral factor of the way the job is done. It is a method to ensure that there is enough manpower on the job, there are appropriate materials allocated to the task, and the safety plans are in place and being abided by.

By carrying out a JSA you are ensuring the safety of your workplace and employees. However, there are also numerous benefits that can affect the morale, efficiency and also productivity of your team by conducting JSA on a regular basis. It also ensures that you are keeping on track with workplace health and safety legislation, facilitating hazard identification, assessing the workplace and controlling the strategy needed to achieve safety systems.

Any activity within the workplace, either scheduled or unscheduled, should have a JSA carried out. This includes:

  • Tasks that have a history or potential of causing injury, damage, loss or death

  • Safety-critical tasks, this includes jobs that are associated with high risks such as fire, explosives and/or toxicants

  • Tasks being carried out in new environments for the first time

  • Jobs that have changes since they were last carried out

  • Tasks that are rarely carried out and therefore employees are not used to

  • Tasks where a permit is required to carry out the work

  • Tasks that may impact the reputation and/or integrity of the business

Each business should consider each task that they carry out and consider the safety implications and if a JSA is required, ensuring the safety of their employees and business. For a JSA to be effective, every employee needs to come together and work as a team. This increases morale and also means that employees feel valued as they are allowed to make contributions to their overall workplace.

Carrying out a JSA on tasks that your business undertakes regularly ensures all tasks that you carry out are completed safely, minimising the risk of injury and/or damage. It also has numerous benefits for your team: increases morale, productivity, efficiency and also communication, as your team is working together towards a common goal and as they have the appropriate resources to complete it.