It’s Never Too Late to Upskill

Recently, our trainer Paul McKell, went to Yaralla Sports Club to conduct a training session, when he realised how many mature age students are currently studying at the club. He sat down with Liana Hill, Donna Banford, Leanne McClure, Barbara Black, Linda Booth and Trish Simeon who are completing a Certificate IV in Hospitality and are proof that it’s never too late to study even in your 50’s! See below what they have to say about their experience:

What have you found Interesting?

Liana: The difficulty of the course, doing the projects and doing the practicals for some of the units.

Donna: Enjoying the different areas of the venue that I don’t normally work in, but learning about them and then putting into practice

Leanne: Have found the course enlightening, to find out what needs to be put into place in regards to operational practices

Barbara: Refreshing your existing knowledge.

What have you found to be a challenge?

Liana: The wording of the assessments which I found to be ambiguous. Once explained it all becomes clear

Donna: Managing time to complete Assessments

Leanne: Juggling time between working and doing the course

Barbara: The school environment, using the brain again

What was the reasons for doing the course?

Liana: Work offered the course and we were given the option to partake.

Donna: To expand my knowledge, multi skill

Barbara: Wanted to get formal qualifications for what I have been doing for years

What have you disliked?

No dislikes

What have you enjoyed about the course?

Liana: Everything, the interaction, learning about management

Donna: Enjoyed learning new things and developing relationships with the staff that normally work with. Understanding other areas of the venue operations

Leanne: Getting to know everyone better, working closely with others

Barbara: Working with others, being able to train on the spot and have the trainer

Donna: Doing the course online was not an appealing idea, learning in a Group environment we see and hear different aspects of the staff.

Leanne: Yaralla have supported us all the way.

What Advice would you give to someone over 50 who is looking at training or is too afraid of training?

Donna: Have a go, not as scary as people think.

Barbara: Go for it, age has nothing to do with it, just do It.

Overall Experience

Barbara: A lot different to what I initially thought, it is a lot more interactive.

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