Responsible Service of AlcoholHow do you know when a person is intoxicated? Do you know how to determine whether a person is intoxicated? Within any licensed premises, it is a staff member’s responsibility to be able to effectively determine if a person is intoxicated.

To be able to deem an individual as intoxicated, you must have ‘reasonable grounds.’ What are reasonable grounds you ask? This means that there must be some foundation behind your belief that the person is intoxicated, and also an objective third party must evaluate your belief before proceeding.

To gain reasonable grounds that the individual is intoxicated, you must consider and observe the below signs, taking into consideration the person’s circumstances:

• How much alcohol have you seen the patron consume since they arrived at the venue? 

• Does the patron smell of alcohol?

• When the person entered the venue, did they appear affected by alcohol?

• What type of alcohol has the person been drinking?

• Has the person been vomiting or physically sick?

• How plenty has the patron consumed, are they consuming alcohol at a rapid rate?

• Have you spoken to the patron’s friends to gain a better understanding?

• Is their speech, balance, coordination, appearance or overall demeanour affected?  

You should also take in consideration, whether or not a person is intoxicated, if they are displaying similar symptoms to an intoxicated person would exhibit due to a disability. This is as some disabilities exhibit the same signs as someone intoxicated, however – they are not. Therefore, it is important that you keep this in mind when assessing levels of intoxication.

All of these factors need to be considered before you can proceed and deem them as intoxicated. However, if you have reasonable grounds to believe that an individual is intoxicated – you should not serve them alcohol. Be firm that you will not serve them alcohol from this point onwards, but be polite at the same time.

It is imperative that staff of a licenced venue is able to immediately identify the signs of intoxication. An online RSA with Club Training Australia will provide your staff with the knowledge required to deem a person intoxicated.