Information about the Potential Risks of Gambling

Responsible Service of GamblingInformation about the potential risks associated with gambling, and where to get help for problem gambling should be prominently displayed in all gambling areas, and near ATM and EFTPOS facilities servicing gambling areas. These responsible gambling practices minimise harm to gambling patrons.

Venues will prominently display current Responsible Gambling Signage and information in all gambling areas and near ATM/EFTPOS facilities.

New or additional signage can be developed by venues to provide information about the potential risks of gambling. Venues can present existing information in new media to refresh the presentation of the messages.

Local gambling services may have brochures that advertise their services, and these can be used in locations around the gambling area and/or venue, at the manager’s discretion, for example: on the back of toilet doors.

In addition, operators could display Responsible Gambling signage and information in other areas of the venue, for example: near the cashier’s booth and/or stand-alone change dispensing devices.

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