Inducting Club Staff on Acceptable Internet Use

Do you have a suitable induction program at your venue?Leading Queensland Clubs have a policy addressing the issue of acceptable internet use included in their induction program. Below are some suggested items to include in your policy.

Internet Use

The internet is an important business tool. The club has marketing material on the internet and employees carry out work-related research using the Internet.

All employees who access the internet using club internet facilities must do so only for the purpose of legitimate club business. Using the Internet for private business or entertainment is prohibited.

The Internet access provided by the club must not be used for :

  • Browsing sites with sexual or offensive content

  • Personal commercial purposes   

  • Sending unsolicited bulk email

  • Disseminating confidential information of the club

  • Any illegal purpose

  • Potentially bringing disrepute to the club

  • Knowingly causing interference with or disruption to any network, information service, equipment or any user thereof

  • Knowingly causing any other person to view content which breaches equal opportunity or workplace harassment legislation

  • Knowingly downloading or requesting software, media files or data streams that the employee has reason to believe will use a greater amount of network bandwidth than is inappropriate

  • Online gambling or games

Email use

Email facilities are provided for the conduct of business.  Email is a technological tool which supports speedy communication between individuals or a number of people.  Care must be taken to prevent the downloading of viruses from incoming email.

Email can have the same legal status as a letter or memo.  It is potentially a formal means of communication.  Therefore care should be taken at all times when composing and sending email from a company email address.


The Spam Act states that commercial electronic messages must be sent with the prior consent of recipient(s) (otherwise the message is ‘unsolicited’ or spam):

  • When sending emails from a club email address, please ensure that you have the consent of the recipient

  • When sending emails from a club email address, please include your name and accurate contact details of the Club and a functional unsubscribe facility

Consequences of unacceptable internet and email usage

Breaching any of the policies on internet, email and spam will result in disciplinary action and may lead to termination of employment.

An effective induction program includes a detailed policy on acceptable internet usage at work.