Implementing and reviewing a staff code of conduct

Does your venue have a code of conductDoes your venue implement a code of conduct within your venue?  Having a code to which your staff conducts their behaviour and professional dealings is an effective way of establishing a universal standard that defines each of your staff members’ responsibilities.  Undergoing our Online Induction for Clubs and Hotels is an excellent way of updating your knowledge of new legislation.  In the meantime, here are some considerations to take into account when establishing a new code.

When you begin devising a code of conduct, you should ask yourself the following points:

  • What method will be used to implement the code?

  • What time frame have you set to implement the code?  When and where will you publicise the code?

  • How will you enforce and encourage the values presented in your code so that it is reflected in all business policies and practices?

Here is a basic template of procedures you can implement when instating a code of conduct within your venue.

Training staff

Creating an online format for educating staff about the policies and procedures involved with the code is an effective method of ensuring all staff have processed the material, allowing them to do it at their own pace.   Your online course should have a function to print a competency certificate as proof that each staff member understands the code.


It is imperative that you get feedback from your staff to ensure they understand the content of the code and what is expected of them.  If they find some areas unclear, you can provide appropriate training such as;

  • Touring the venue facilities and pointing out areas such as fire exits, evacuation areas and designated smoking areas

  • Giving examples of inappropriate websites

  • Role playing a difficult customer transaction, demonstrating to your staff on how it should be handled

Accepting the code

Once you staff members have finished training in the new code, ask them to sign a document that states that they agree to comply with the code.  This protects you if an employee violates the code and you have to take disciplinary action.

Reviewing and assessing

Make sure your code is kept up to date and is relevant as possible by reviewing it once or twice a year.  If any amendments have to be made, provide all staff with the updated code and apply training where appropriate.

If you feel you need further assistance in developing your venue’s code, why not enrol in one of our online induction programs?  We offer comprehensive training for Hotels and Clubs.