Imagine a bunch of young, enthusiastic people with a burning desire to train in your venue.

School Based TraineeshipsWould you consider hiring them?

When we think of young people in the hospitality industry, the first thing that comes to mind is a bored kid standing around waiting for their shift to be over.

However, some clever managers are working hard to buck the trend and are building a positive training culture within their ranks from the ground up.

Imagine having access to a group of young motivated students; resume in hand, eager to begin a career with you. These young people can be general hospitality students or even apprentice chefs ready to take to your kitchens and fulfill your evening’s prep.

It’s no secret that more and more hospitality venues are finding it harder to employ staff who are dedicated to their role in the hospitality industry. While hospitality is generally known for its high staff turnover and a lack of trained staff, the introduction of young people into the business is proving to be a positive and profitable exercise for many pubs and clubs.

School Based Traineeships and Chef Apprenticeships are the new trend in hospitality venues across Queensland. Through Club Training Australia, managers gain access to determined school students who are keen to train and work in pubs or clubs as part of their education. These trainees work within your venue to learn various areas of the business while they undertake a Nationally Recognised Qualification in Hospitality, Commercial Cookery or Business.

In fact, this concept of hiring and training young people is so effective, the Australian and State Governments provide funding and incentives for employers to not only pay for their training but also provide cash incentives for being involved with the program. What’s not to love?

Australian Government incentives for completion include up to $2,000 for Certificate II and up to $4,750 for Certificate III PLUS an extra $750 if you continue to employ them after they finish their traineeship.


The benefits of recruiting and training staff in this manner are endless;

  • Start from the ground up – mould your trainees into valuable future managers
  • Give existing star performers the responsibility of mentoring these young people
  • A low risk and cost effective recruitment method
  • Promote your business as a community supporter by employing young locals
  • Create a positive training and employment culture
  • Roster trainees around peak service periods
  • On the job training allows for increased efficiencies in service and food prep
  • Attract funding and incentives from State and Federal Governments


Before committing to a program like this, it is important to contract an experienced RTO that has successfully managed past programs.  Club Training Australia is that RTO.  We will take care of all the training and manage the process for you, and all you need to do is ensure your trainees work the minimum number of days per year (depending on your State requirements). Students can train during or after school, so long as the program interrupts their school program at some point and you only pay them for the time they work with you. Saving money is that easy!

Club Training Australia is an RTO with over 19 years of experience in the Queensland hospitality industry, managing over 300 school-based trainees and countless successful school-based training programs for venues.

For more information on how you can access training funding and incentives, contact Scott Robertson on 0400 374 569 or