Identifying Hazards

Certificate IV in Occupational Health and SafetyJob safety analysis (JSA) is simply looking at a task that is completed within a business, and ensuring that it is completed in the safest way possible – avoiding hazards and minimising any risk associated with the task. This process is critical to any business and all tasks should be monitored and reviewed regularly, ensuring that it is safe for all employees and that no damage can occur.

When completing a JSA, a wide range of hazards have to be taken into consideration. You should consider the below list of potential hazards, and identify if the tasks that you complete are at risk:

  • Human factors; are your staff competent and had the required training to carry out certain tasks?

  • Simultaneous operations or tasks

  • Weather, visibility, lighting and noise

  • Pollution to the environment

  • Exposure to hazardous environments, atmospheres and/or biological agents

  • Workplace signage; is the correct signage viable?

  • Workplace layout and conditions

  • First aid

  • Workplace amenities

  • Fire prevention

  • Personal protective gear; e.g. high-visibility vest

  • Maintenance arrangements

  • Materials handling and manual handling requirements

  • Use of hazardous substances

  • Electrical hazard exposure, isolations and tagging of equipment

  • Compressed gas, high-pressure air and oils, water and steam

  • Suitability of standard, and power-operated hand tools

  • Fixed and portable plant, and machinery management

  • Grinding, cutting, heating and welding operations

  • Mobile plant operation and movement

  • Excavations, holes and floor openings

  • Concrete and masonry construction

  • Ladders and scaffolding requirements, work at height and prevention of falls

  • Confined space entry

Once a JSA has been completed and all hazards and potential harms are identified, the business should consider how the task at hand can be made safer. If you would like advice on risk management or JSA, please contact one of our Risk Specialists who can assist you.