How to Talk to an Intoxicated Patron

Responsible Service of AlcoholYou have identified a patron who is intoxicated, so what do you do next? How do you communicate effectively with an intoxicated patron within the venue? We all know from our own personal experiences that it can be a struggle to communicate with intoxicated persons, as they struggle to focus and hold a conversation.

There are some key steps and things to keep in mind when you are dealing and communicating with an intoxicated patron, these include:

  • Always show patience and respect to the person you are dealing with, no matter their level of intoxication.

  • Think about what you are going to say before you talk.

  • Speak loudly so that they are able to hear you clearly.

  • Speak slowly. You may have to repeat yourself to ensure that the message has been received.

  • Use short and uncomplicated sentences and language.

  • Ask the patron only one question at a time, as too many questions at a time can be confusing.

  • Remember their personal space and be respectful of that.

  • Ask questions if only necessary.

  • Smile and come across as happy.

  • Use friendly body language.

  • Check that they understand what you are saying.

Intoxicated patrons can be difficult to communicate with but, by using and implementing the above methods of communication, the process should hopefully be easier. Always keep in mind that the person you are dealing with is a customer and, similar to any other patron, deserves respect no matter the circumstances. Also, bear in mind that intoxicated persons can become aggravated quickly and, to keep the conversation calm, you yourself have to stay calm and happy at all times – to ensure that the patron feels comfortable. If you want to learn more about how to deal with intoxicated persons, we recommend you proceed and complete Club Training Australia online RSA.