How to protect your venue and patrons from alcohol-related violence

Tips for keeping your venue safeAre you concerned about your venue becoming damaged or your property destroyed?  There is also the more important matter – your patrons’ safety.  If a fight breaks out at your venue, there are several risk factors that can lead to severe injuries, and even death.  Not only will you and your venue come under considerable legal and media scrutiny, you as a responsible manager of a licensed venue may have contributed to the patron’s injuries by not putting enough appropriate measures in place.

You can protect your venue by making sure that your venue is not overly crowded, and that people can access the bar with minimal wait times.  Ensuring that your staff are friendly, professional and are well-trained to cope with high demand will ensure that service is quick and polite.

Keeping door staff informed and well-placed to manage exit and entry points will help maintain a consistent flow of customers, as well as ensuring that crowds do not converge outside that may cause potential antisocial behaviour between patrons and/or members of the public.

As well as appropriate crowd control, you should also ensure that your venue supplies a range of low cost, non-alcoholic beverages and food, to prevent patrons from getting intoxicated too quickly.

These are just a few ideas to help you ensure that your patrons have an enjoyable experience.  To ensure that if any staff must be required to undertake RMLV training, check the Club Training Australia short courses page to find a training location near you.