How alcohol affects the body

Responsible Service of AlcoholWhen you are on a night out with your friends consuming alcohol, usually the last thing on your mind is “how is this affecting my body?”  However, understanding how alcohol affects the body and the implications of consuming alcohol is important.

Did you know that alcohol is absorbed into the bloodstream via small blood vessels in the walls of the stomach and small intestine, and within minutes of consuming alcohol, it travels from your stomach to your brain? Also, did you know that alcohol is a drug, and similar to drugs – it slows down your vital functions – meaning that your speech, balance and coordination are affected?

Seeing as alcohol is a drug, you have to keep in mind what alcohol can do to your body if consumed in excess. Depending on the amount of alcohol consumed determines the type of effect that you will feel, remembering that no one person will experience the exact same effects.

Most people drink alcohol to “loosen up” or to feel a “buzz,” but if someone consumes more alcohol than their body can handle – they can lose control, feel nauseas, the inability to walk, slurred speech and, in severe cases, the person can go into a coma state or die.

Keep in mind, however, that there are no safe levels of alcohol consumption because of the different ways alcohol can affect you. If you do choose to consume alcohol, you must be aware that there is always a potential of harm, both short and long term, to your health and social wellbeing.

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