Hospitality: Occupational Health and Safety

Certificate II in Hospitality – Occupational Health and Safety in Hospitality In hospitality, you, at times, have to use a computer. However, before you use a computer, there are some health and safety requirements you need to remember. These are also applicable when you are completing your hospitality school-based traineeship workbooks at home on the computer; you have to ensure that you are being safe.

You need to ensure that your workspace is set up appropriately, and you have to take into consideration the below list of safety issues that you may incur:

  • Lighting – poor lighting can make it difficult for you to easily read or focus on the computer, straining your eyes. The screen should be placed in such a way that you do not face it directly to a window.

  • Noise – the noise that your computer or other electronic devices create can be distracting and can also be a major reason for headaches. Ensure that noisy devices, such as your printer, are in another room.

  • Heat – electronic equipment can create quite a lot of heat and, therefore, the room should be well-ventilated.

  • Cables – ensure that cables are not in the way when you are walking, decreasing the chances of incident from tripping.

  • Posture – you should ensure that you are sitting with both feet on the floor and your back is straight.

  • Occupational overuse syndrome – make sure you are taking regular breaks.

If you work in an area where there are occupational health and safety issues, you should consult your manager to resolve these issues; or, if they are easily fixed then you can immediately fix them. However, you should also ensure that your home workspace, where you complete your school-based traineeship workbooks, is also safe and not a hazard.

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