Hiring crowd controllers

RMLV and security firmsHiring crowd controllers is an important consideration for licensees and approved managers. Here are some tips and best practice guidelines. Apply these measures whether employing crowd controllers directly or through a security firm.


• Set minimum criteria that are not negotiable, such as:

– licensed as a crowd controller

– holder of current training certificate in RSA

– understanding of Crowd Controller Code of Practice and other venue policies

– a non-aggressive nature and negotiation skills

– able to write accurate accounts of incidents

– able to take direction and be supervised

– other criteria as required by the venue

• Set other criteria to meet your needs, for example:

– previous experience in security

– experience in operations and use of ID scanner

– ability to use communication equipment

Selection process

• Interview all prospective crowd-controller employees and check identification

• Assess against your selection criteria

• Disclose the need for induction, a probation period, and performance review


• All prospective employees to undertake induction, with no exceptions

• Inductions to be conducted by the licensee, approved manager, or head of security

• Attendee to be briefed on all practices and procedures adopted by the venue, including privacy obligations

• Code of practice adopted by the venue to be discussed in detail


• Set a minimum probation period

• Set minimum number of hours to be undertaken during the probation period or extend probation

Appraisal of conduct, competence and ethical standards

• Duties for each crowd controller should be clearly defined and supervised

• Arrange for performance reviews to identify where skills can be improved through training

• Report serious or poor performance issues, including non-compliance with code of conduct or venue practices, to management and address immediately.

Responsible venue managers  take the time to ensure that crowd controllers have the ability to communicate with patrons, fellow security officers, and other staff before engaging their services.