Hire for attitude! Train for aptitude! Everyone Wins!

Hire for attitude! Train for aptitude!During 2012, CTA embarked on an incredible journey to expand our offering across the state involving community clubs.  We teamed up with more clubs than ever before to offer young people at school the opportunity to train in a Certificate III in Hospitality.

This great initiative has been embraced, and over the course of this year we have trained and mentored nearly 500 school based trainees across Queensland.

Our school based team, headed by Natalie Hardy, and ably assisted by Flerida Todorovski and Rochelle Fox have overseen some remarkable results:

  •     A 90% completion rate
  •     On average an employer retains four of the students for ongoing work
  •     School based trainees from previous years are now emerging as young DM’s
  •     Clubs utilising a pool of young talent.
Natalie Hardy, Flerida Todorovski, Rochelle Fox

The CTA training team now consists of 16 full time industry professionals, meaning that we have a sound platform to deliver quality training to young people across the State.

Local communities see these programs as community driven and a great PR activity with newspapers, local councillors and MP’s often attending our graduation ceremonies.

Recently, Lions Richlands completed their latest round of school based trainees. Federal MP Bernie Ripoll was in attendance and spoke of how much the government wants to see young people succeeding in workplaces and getting qualifications whilst at school.  This featured in The Satellite newspaper school section this week in an article Traineeships pays off.

We experienced fantastic results with Lions Richlands:

•    7 students commenced
•    6 students graduated
•    3 are being retained in the workforce
•    2 are in the National finals for outstanding trainee of the year
•    From previous three years 12 students still work at the venue.

At CTA we offer school based traineeships in:
•    Cert III Hospitality
•    Cert III Business Administration
•    Cert II Kitchen Ops (takes a year off Commercial Cookery Cert III Apprenticeship)

With the need to up-skill new workers in hospitality and tourism after the floods and cyclones, the State Government currently fully fund the training and Commonwealth incentives to employers are available up to $4,750 per student.

Arana Leagues has just begun their fourth year of the program. The previous three have involved 20 students per year, and this year there are another 16.

Every venue has had success, and every venue has a different number of students.

At CTA we assist with the recruitment of the students, through an interview process with the venue. Work with the venue co-ordinator to ensure a smooth program and offer constant feedback to the venue on students progress.

We are in the process of looking for another 350 students in January and February for venues moving ahead with another school based program. 150 have already begun.

We would like to thank the venues who have taken part















In 2013, CTA will be monitoring all of our school based trainees and offering a bursary to the value of $4000 for further training and development with CTA to the student we feel is the standout performer and a future star of our industry.

If you would like to find out how your venue could get involved in this exciting community driven initiative, please contact Natalie Hardy on 0433 976 236 or Natalie@clubtraining.com.au.