Health of food handlers

Follow workplace hygiene procedures.It is very important that Food Handlers who may be suffering from or carrying certain illnesses or suffering from some medical conditions do not handle food or food contact surfaces. This is particularly important if they are likely to contaminate food while they are working.ll…

If a food handler has…

The food handler will…

One or any of the following symptoms of food- borne disease:

·         Diarrhoea

·         Vomiting

·         Sore throat with fever

·         Fever

·         Jaundice


Immediately inform the food safety supervisor;


Seek medical attention;


Not return to work until they have been symptom-free for 48hrs.

Been diagnosed with any of the following food borne diseases:

·         Hepatitis A;

·         Norovirus;

·         Typhoid fever;

·         Shigellosis; or

·         Staphylococcal or Streptococcal disease.


Cease all contact with food and food contact surfaces;



Not return to food handling duties until medical clearance is provided.

An exposed wound or cut or infected skin sore.


Cover with a bandage and highly visible waterproof covering.

Any discharge from their ears, nose or eyes.

Take medication to stop any nasal or other discharge that may contaminate the food.

The supervisor will not disclose any of the above medical information to anyone, with the exception of the proprietor of the business or a food enforcement officer, without the consent of the food handler. The company will not use this information for any purpose other than to protect food from contamination.

The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, Food Safety Standards require that Food Handlers abide by everyone listed in the table above.