Harm of problem gambling

Responsible Service of GamblingProblem gamblers most likely believe that their addiction is only impacting them, but recent research shows that behaviours of problem gamblers impact another 5 to 10 people. These people can be family members, friends, work friends, social circles and/or people from the general community.

Majority of problem gamblers are so involved with their addiction that they don’t notice who they are affecting – they think that they are the only one impacted and the only one that feels ‘trapped’. They don’t take a moment to realise that they are affecting others, to the point where these other people also feel the same pain and ‘trapped’ feeling.

The Queensland Government, to minimise the harm of gambling, have implemented some regulations in conjunction with the industry. These regulations vary depending upon different jurisdictions and venue types. Nevertheless, they are as follows:

  • Advertising restrictions and bans

  • Restrictions on minors accessing gambling areas and/or resources

  • Bans on incentives (e.g. free alcohol)

  • Ban on credit gambling

  • Payment of large winnings via cheque

  • Self-exclusion schemes

  • Provide information about problem gambling help services

  • Compulsory Responsible Service of Gambling for all staff

  • Signage creating awareness about the risk of excessive gambling

To ensure that your venue is compliant with the new regulations imposed by the Queensland Government, the above must be implemented.

If you want to know exactly what steps your venue has to take to be compliant, or would like to ensure that you venue is compliant with area, state and/or national regulations – please contact Club Training Australia. Also, as per the above list of regulations, for all staff that work within gaming areas or with gambling materials – it is compulsory that they have a current RSG. Club Training Australia offers a QLD online RSG for just $24.