Handling and Cleaning of Bar Service Glassware

Certificate III in HospitalityIt is important for bar and hospitality staff to clean and handle glassware correctly. All glassware should be handled from the base or stem of the glass, never touch a glass by the rim as this in unhygienic.

Even after glassware has been cleaned in a commercial glass washer, it will be necessary to polish certain glasses, i.e. wine and cocktail glasses with a dry lint free cloth to remove all water spots. The polishing process enables you to double check the condition of the items.

Wine and cocktail glasses can be polished when they are still hot from the glass washer, or when they are dry. If the glasses are badly water marked, they can be held over a bowl of hot water, so that the steam makes them easier to polish. Polishing cloths must be clean, dry and lint free. Hold glasses at the stem or base when polishing, so no fingerprints are left on the glass. Some establishments’ standards will stipulate the use of cotton gloves when polishing glassware.

It is unacceptable for glassware to be chipped or cracked, and marked with lipstick and other foreign matter. Chipped or damaged glassware are dangerous in terms of breakage potential, and they also present a hygiene risk in that cracks and chips hold moisture, therefore can harbour bacteria.

Once a week all glasses, especially beer glasses, need to be thoroughly cleaned. Properly cleaning glasses begins by using equipment built and detergents formulated specifically for glass cleaning. The process involves the glasses being hand washed in a sink or bucket of glass cleaning solution with the use of brushes. Establishments will either use a manual brush or motorised cleaning brushes, the latter giving a more thorough washing. The glasses are then rinsed according to the cleaning solution manufacturer’s directions. It is very important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions as the procedures will vary from one product to the other. Following this process will help assure you are serving beverages at their best.

A  Certificate III in Hospitality will teach you the correct methods of handling and cleaning glassware.