Got Coffee…?

Got coffee?Coffee is Australian’s favourite drink, surpassing that of alcohol and soft drinks within the hospitality industry. So are your staff aware of the different types of coffee and what each encompasses, or are they servicing coffee blind? Maybe you should consider a barista course for your staff and refresh or provide them with the required information that they need, to provide customers with appropriate product knowledge. 

Coffee is made from the roasted coffee seeds from the coffee bush, and depending on the coffee bean itself and the way in which it was roasted – will alter the flavour. There is also an assortment of ways in which coffee is made. You can either:

  • Plunger, glass jug with filter pad on the bottom of the plunger

  • Ground coffee is spooned into the bottom of the glass jug and then boiling water is added. You can also proceed and add sugar and water, depending on the way in which you like your coffee

  • Espresso coffee, made using a high pressure steam unit.

When it comes to making espresso coffee, there are a variety of coffees that can be produced, which staff should have firsthand knowledge of how to make and explain to customers. They include:

  • Espresso, also known as a short black, is a single shot of coffee poured into a small espresso cup. The short black should have a small level of crème on top, this is a sign that the coffee has been made to perfection.

  • Long black, this coffee is simply a short black in a larger cup with added hot water to dilute the coffee.

  • Droppie, or also known as a double shot, this has the base of a strong coffee whereby you do two shots into the cup instead of one.

  • Flat white, this is one of your more common coffee, which consists of a single shot of coffee in a cup filled with steamed milk, there is minimal froth on top.

  • Cappuccino, single shot of espresso in a cup with 1/3 steamed milk and 1/3 foamed milk. Sprinkle chocolate on top.

  • Baby chino, 30ml of warm milk and froth and then topped with chocolate.

  • Latte, single shot of coffee in a glass filled with steamed milk and a small amount of foam on top.

  • Macchiato, served in a glass and extracted to 30ml, is an espresso ‘stained’ with a dash of hot or cold milk.

On-the-job training for your staff in relation to coffee is important, as customers come in wanting a specific product that tastes a specific way, each time they come to the business. All staff should be competent with their barista skills, and should be trained and updated regularly to ensure product quality. If you want to learn more, please contact us and we can take the time to come and visit your venue and train your staff on site within your hospitality business.